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Sealing court records vacates the finding of guilt and dismisses the case permanently from a juvenile’s criminal record. Sealing a criminal record, whether juvenile or adult, means you can honestly state on job applications, housing applications and college applications that you have never been convicted of a crime.

Washington law places restrictions on sealing records, so it is essential that you pursue counsel from an attorney who understands the juvenile justice system and the application of sealing laws to that system.

At the Seattle office of Kenneth F. Bromet, Attorney at Law, I provide in-depth representation for sealing and expunging court records. I have dedicated more than 35 years to juvenile law and family law matters. My extensive experience as a juvenile criminal defense lawyer enables me to evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action.

Seattle Attorney For Sealing Juvenile Records

Many individuals think their record is destroyed when they reach age 18, but that is not true. To wipe your record clean, you must go through the process of having your record sealed or expunged. State law allows most juvenile court records to be sealed after a specific length of time. In addition to waiting a specific length of time, you must also:

  • Pay all court fees
  • Pay all restitution
  • Refrain from criminal conduct

If you are eligible to have your record sealed, I can review your case to determine if enough time has lapsed and whether you have followed your court-ordered obligations.

Additionally, I have experience getting diversions expunged from clients’ records. Depending on your situation, I can get a court order requiring the police and other agencies that have the records to shred them.

Other Issues

As part of my extensive juvenile law practice, I provide representation for a wide area of matters, including:

  • Gun rights. When you plead to felonies and some misdemeanors, you lose your right to possess a firearm.
  • Sex offender registration. Even if you can’t have your record sealed, I can help you remove the duty to register.
  • Errors. Sometimes individuals attempt to seal their records without the help of an attorney. I can evaluate your case and pursue a sealed record under the right circumstances.
  • Adult records. Trying to seal an adult criminal record is complicated and involves strict guidelines.

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