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As a dedicated juvenile criminal defense lawyer, I understand the lasting consequences associated with misdemeanor and felony charges. Your child could face a few years in a juvenile detention center or may be sentenced to detention until he or she turns 21.

At Kenneth F. Bromet, Attorney at Law, I have devoted more than 30 years to representing juveniles facing criminal charges. I understand how your child’s juvenile criminal record can affect his or her college and career opportunities. I know how to prepare cases to help minimize your child’s consequences.

A Concerned Approach

As a Seattle juvenile delinquency defense attorney, I provide comprehensive representation for a wide range of juvenile crime, including:

  • Property crime
  • Truancy
  • Drug possession
  • Drug distribution
  • Aggravated assault
  • Robbery
  • Retail theft, shoplifting

Parents often are tempted to be overly cooperative with law enforcement officials when their children are arrested because they feel it will benefit their child. I assure you it will not. Do not talk with the police or any law enforcement official before speaking with a qualified juvenile criminal defense attorney like me.

With more than 35 years of experience, I know how to properly handle evidence and conduct a thorough independent investigation. If necessary, I will consult with industry experts whose testimony can support your child’s defense in a number of ways.

Alternatives To Detention

Washington state provides alternatives to straight detention. This decision is typically made early in a case. One of my early goals in a case is to get the client out of detention and back into the family home if possible. This happens concurrently with my commitment to protect your child’s rights and minimize the consequences of criminal charges. I have extensive experience pursuing and obtaining alternatives, including:

  • Monitoring bracelets
  • Work crew assignments
  • Drug court
  • Drug/alcohol rehabilitation
  • Probation

An important part of protecting my clients’ rights is helping them seal their records.

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